Qualified Attorneys

If you are reading this, you are likely in a position of (potentially) needing a lawyer and unsure what separates one from another.

This is why injured.com exists - to provide the simplest way to hire a qualified attorney.

What Makes an Attorney, injured.com Qualified?

To begin with, we are a law firm. When you call us, you will be speaking with a team that handles injury cases day in and day out. We are not a referral service. We are not a marketing company.

The bar to be hired as an attorney at our firm is very high. And, when we bring in co-counsel on a case, we look for leaders in the industry, in addition to making sure the attorney is state licensed and in good standing with the State Bar.

Next, our attorneys are practice area specific. It will never be the case that a divorce lawyer is handling your auto accident case, or a real estate attorney is handling your workplace injury matter.

At injured.com your attorney will be one that focuses their practice on the type of injury you sustained - someone with intimate understanding, deep knowledge, and extensive experience handling cases like yours.

Further, the attorneys we work with share the same ethos - making the legal system accessible to everyone and the playing field level.

Don't waste your time watching late night attorney television commercials looking for a firm that resonates with you or jump between law firm website trying to distinguish what makes one firm better than another. Instead, trust injured.com, where you will find a skilled lawyer that is ready and able to help you.

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