Freeburg Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been involved in a car accident in Freeburg, it is likely that you are considering whether you should hire a Freeburg car accident lawyer.

This page is for car accident victims in Freeburg, Illinois.

It is designed to help you better understand the benefits of hiring a reputable Freeburg car accident attorney, when you should and should not hire an auto accident attorney, what is involved in hiring a car accident lawyer, and practical steps you can take to have your case reviewed for free by a Freeburg car accident lawyer and what will be required of you to hire an experienced Freeburg car accident lawyer.

On this Page:

  1. Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer
  2. When Should I Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?
  3. When Shouldn’t I Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident?
  4. What Your Freeburg Car Accident Lawyer Will Do for You
  5. Obtaining a Free Car Accident Case Consultation
  6. How to Hire a Freeburg Car Accident Lawyer

Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

The benefits of hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, are many.

Here are a few reasons why you would want to hire a lawyer.

  1. A lawyer has experience handling cases like yours. The legal system, the health care system and the insurance systems are complex and nuanced. Your inexperience will likely cause you to misstep. And, in many instances there are no do-overs. Once your case is closed, it cannot be reopened again.

  2. A lawyer can carry much of the stress of the process for you When you are recovering from an injury, you are not able to handle the same levels of stress that you could when totally healthy. Handling a case on your own, without the assistance of an experienced attorney will put you under a lot of stress.

  3. A lawyer can help you get the medical treatment you need Your lawyer has built a network of contacts in the medical industry, who can help put you back on the road to recovery. These are doctors who understand the process and will not bill you until the conclusion of your case, when your settlement money has arrived.

  4. A lawyer knows how to value your case and maximize your claim If you are not regularly exposed to the world of personal injury, it will be almost impossible for you to determine the value of your case, and whether you are missing coverages or other opportunities and leaving money on the table.

  5. A lawyer will help you secure a much higher settlement A study by the Insurance Research Council showed that, on average, a lawyer will secure settlements and awards that are three and a half times higher than what an injury victim would be able to secure on their own.

  6. A lawyer can help level the playing field with insurance companies Insurance companies are not in the business of handing out money - they are a money-making enterprise. When you don't need them, they will charge exorbitant premiums. When you do need them, they are will do everything in their power to minimize your injuries and pay you as little as possible. Your attorney has the skill and resources to take on the insurance companies to make sure you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

Most Freeburg car accident victims will benefit from an attorney handling their case. The victim will be able to take advantage of the attorney's connections, and put their focus on making a physical recovery, while their attorney goes to battle against the insurance companies on the client's behalf.

When Should I Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

While your accident will share similarities to, it will also have aspects that are completely unique. So, like most things in life, the answer to the question of whether you should hire a car accident lawyer, is 'it depends'.

Generally, an attorney will be valuable to you if you have sustained an injury. You should not use how big or small the impact was as a barometer for whether you have a viable case. While there is often a correlation between impact and injury, it does not always hold true. We have seen many injuries that result from collisions with what appears to be a minor impact.

Pre-existing conditions, impact from the wrong angle, a blow from a loose object in the vehicle, failure of a safety restraint and more can cause new injury or exacerbate existing injuries.

If you have sustained any sort of injury, then you should consult with an injury attorney that handles cases in Freeburg. Your consultation through is completely free, and there is no obligation to move forward if you do not wish to.

When Shouldn’t I Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

If your accident was limited to property damage only – meaning, no one was present in the car when it was impacted. Or you walked away from the accident without any soreness, bumps, or bruises, it is likely that you will not benefit from hiring an attorney. In these cases, working directly with the insurance provider will likely work out for you.

That said, there is no harm in taking advantage of our free case consultation offer just to confirm that you are not missing any opportunities.

Of course, insurance companies are not known for doing the right thing by their customers when it comes to paying out claims. If the insurance company is low balling you, giving you the run around, or making threats – give us a call.

What Your Freeburg Car Accident Lawyer Will Do for You

Once you retain an attorney, they will go to work for you.

First, they will put insurance companies and others on notice, that the law firm is now acting on your behalf. This means that the stress of interacting with insurance providers, billing companies, and the like shifts from you to your attorney.

For injured clients, your attorney will turn their attention to your medical recovery. Their desire is to see you reach your maximum medical recovery. In some instances, this means you will return to full health, but for some this may not be possible and instead look to reaching the best possible health outcome given your circumstances.

It is important to understand that as your attorney is not a medical doctor and cannot dictate your medical treatment. But your attorney is your advocate and will have experience handling cases similar to yours. For that reason, it is likely that your legal team will be involved in booking appointments, seeking out recommendations and referrals and doing what they can to make sure you get the medical attention that you need.

In most cases, an injury lawyer's value comes from his or her ability to quantify the true value of your injuries and their ability to secure that money for you. It is the extent of your injury that will be the concern of your lawyer.

The economic loss of a vehicle is easy to comprehend - you should be entitled to the market value of your car, pre-accident. To be made whole again, you need to be provided with the ability to purchase an equivalent (or better) vehicle, and possibly a little extra for the inconvenience imposed upon you. Largely, will realize a satisfactory outcome by working directly with the insurance provider for these types of collisions.

What is less easy to comprehend, are other 'damages'... this is where the guidance of an experienced lawyer comes into play.

While you are working on getting better, your attorney will work on quantifying your losses - lost work, accumulated bills, pain and suffering, etc. They will simultaneously be seeking out all avenues for financial recovery that are available to you.

Once your course of treatment concludes, your attorney will make a demand of the insurance provider(s). At this point it is common for the insurance company to push back.

If the insurance provider refuses to meet the demand, or a reasonable agreement cannot be reached after negotiating, your attorney will file a lawsuit. This will put your case on a path to go to trial for a judge and/or jury to decide what a fair award is.

Obtaining a Free Car Accident Case Consultation

To discuss your case with a member of our firm, you simply need to reach out. You can call us directly and discuss your case now. Or you can use the form on this site to reach out, and we will call you back once we receive it.

It is important to understand that we represent injury victims and the families of wrongful deaths. So, we are prepared to discuss cases involving injury or death that came because of someone else’s negligence, omission, or malpractice. If your legal matter is not related to such occurrences, you will want to seek consultation elsewhere.

Once we are on the phone with you, we will take a moment for introductions and then ask you a few questions about your case to establish an understanding of what happened, but it is ok if you don’t have all the answers.

Once we understand what happened, we will present you with options about how we can assist you. You can take us up on the offer of our help, or decline – there is no obligation here.

How to Hire a Freeburg Car Accident Lawyer

Hiring an attorney starts with a case consultation (see above)

If after your consultation it is determined that we can assist you, and you would like the assistance of an attorney, just let us know.

At this point we will send you a contract that you will need to sign. In most cases this is done electronically, but in person signature can be arranged. This is a contract that establishes a client attorney relationship.

Once the Attorney Authorization contract is signed, your case will be moved to the handling attorney’s team – they will take the case from there. They will call you to introduce themselves to you and get your case underway.

Visit our auto accident page here, to learn more.