We're on a mission to make the justice system accessible to everyone.

Injured.com is a law firm that does business as TorkLaw. We are dedicated to providing access to civil justice for injury victims.

Finding the right lawyer for your legal matter is no longer a guessing game - Injured.com is your one-stop-shop for finding answers to your legal questions and obtaining a lawyer for your case. We put our decades of combined injury law experience to work, to make sure your case has the attention of an attorney well-suited to your particular matter.

In many cases, we will be able to help you ourselves. But, there may be instances when another attorney is better suited to take point on your particular matter. When this happens, we will suggest bringing them in as co-counsel.

Our goal is that you have the very best legal representation for your case!

You can trust that you will have a team in place to help you reach the outcome you deserve, and we will stand by our performance. We will not charge you a penny in fees or costs unless we win your case.

We are attorneys.

When you are looking for a lawyer, many of the 'legal' websites you will come across, are not law firms. They cannot provide you with legal advice, and do not understand what is required for your case to have a successful outcome. They are marketing companies who sell your potential case to the highest bidder. By using one of those services, the quality of representation you will receive is determined not by the skill and experience of the attorney, but by the attorney who is willing to write the biggest check to get your business.

Injured.com is different. Injured.com is a law firm. When you submit your information to us, your matter is reviewed by our team. If your case is one that we can assist with, we will. If the matter for is better suited for another attorney to take lead on, we will connect you with one of the many co-counsel attorneys that we work with. By calling us, the guesswork is taken out of finding the right attorney. And, even when we feel it will be best to have another attorney handle your matter, we will still be with you, supporting both you and the handling attorney until your case resolves.

Eliminating the Barrier to Legal Help

For decades, the wealthy and powerful have been able to manipulate the legal system to protect their own self-interests at the expense of the average American. Injured.com exists to lower that barrier, by making the legal system accessible to everyone. It is no longer just those with means who can hire a lawyer. Now, through injured.com, anyone with a real need for representation in an injury matter can secure an experienced and skilled lawyer to represent them, without financial concern. Injured.com attorneys do not charge up-front for their services, and will front all legal expenses. In fact, if our lawyers do not win your case, you owe them nothing.

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Our values.

Lowering the barrier to great legal representation is not an easy task, but the gratification that comes from helping those in need makes it well worth the effort, and keeps us pushing forward. We are extremely fortunate to have a team that is always striving to reach new heights and even greater levels of success in both their personal and professional lives. We work hard to ensure that our team members have everything they need to succeed at both, and to keep us on this path, we live and work by these seven core values.

Radical Authenticity is being transparently who we are: with ourselves, with each other, and with our clients & partners.

It means you’re allowed to be yourself here; we don’t want anyone to feel they have to pretend to be something they’re not. It is about being honest and forthright.

Relentless Pursuit of the Win is about achieving stellar results by keeping a laser focus on performance and goals.

By achieving stellar results, it is a win-win… Our clients win, and our firm wins!

By prioritizing what we do every day to align with the goals of our clients and our firm, we work on what matters and we’re not be distracted by minutiae disguised as meaningful work. It is about achieving results and not about being busy.

Growth Mindset is about continuously learning, growing, and developing, as individuals, as a business and as advocates for our clients.

We value continuous learning, which means remaining humble and knowing that there is always something new to learn.

It means growing in skill and passing on our knowledge and abilities to also help those around us succeed.

Ownership is about taking responsibility.

We believe in taking ownership for our work and ownership for the problem we are solving. It is a commitment to working a task or problem to a resolution – not giving up, and ultimately being proud of the result.

At injured.com, we seek to do everything with excellence – no shortcuts – treating every case as if it was our own.

Results Driven means we focus on the outcome and disregard the level of effort required to achieve those results.

If a task is difficult or time consuming, we do not give up – we strive to achieve positive results. Conversely, we do not waste our time on things that do not move the needle in our client’s cases or in the day-to-day operations of the firm.

Respect for Each Other by supporting each other with kindness and respect, and enjoying the journey together.

We’re a team, and as such, it takes all of playing our part to win. We depend on one another and respect one another for the unique contribution each makes to the team.

At injured.com, we build each other up rather than tear each other down. We are kind to one another, to our clients and potential clients, and to others that work with us. We choose to be nice, helpful & caring; while still willing to have tough conversations in a loving way.

We treat each other as we would want to be treated, and enjoy the journey we are on together – having fun with one another along the way.

Unwavering Integrity is standing up for what’s right with consistently sound ethics and courageous honesty.

We believe it is never wrong to do the right thing, even if it is unpopular. We believe in consistently sound ethics – doing the right thing all the time, not just when it’s convenient.

Similarly, we value courageous honesty and the willingness to speak up when something doesn’t seem right, and never being afraid to ask a respectful and well intentioned question.

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Giving back to the community.

We’re committed to serving our communities in more ways than one. Every year we donate, sponsor, and participate in many initiatives aimed at supporting the people in our community. From working with our veterans, to providing meals to families and helping disadvantaged youth, here are some of the ways we have made a positive impact on those around us.

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